SEPT. 4TH–6TH Mill Valley, CA

Art & Photography

High Line collaborations with artists in the surf community.

Chris Burkard


Chris Burkard is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California, whose work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. Burkard’s images are punctuated by energized landscapes and moments of bliss, by adventure seeking and the lifestyle that ensues, by movement and intuitive light-working capabilities. Currently, Burkard serves as Senior Staff Photographer for Surfer Magazine, contributes regularly to various international publications and is a project photographer for Patagonia as well as several other respected brands. Burkard has completed two book projects, one with friend and co-author Eric Soderquist, titled “The California Surf Project” (2006) and the other, “Plight of the Torpedo People,” accompanying Patagonia body surfing film, “Come Hell or High Water” (2012).  His incredible images are spread throughout the High Line website.

Mike Gibbons


San Francisco native and multi-faceted artist Mike Gibbons will be sharing an exhibition of his ocean photography and music at this year’s High Line Festival of surfing. Though Gibbons has released a trio of full length albums, the acoustic singer- songwriter has recently begun pairing his musical performances with nature photography exhibitions as well as short film debuts (he has released three short films as part of the filmmaking collective Waterlust). His most recent project, Swells and Storms, brings together songs, photos, and films all themed around the ocean and traveling into the wilderness. Mike’s work will be on display at the Sweetwater Music Hall, September 5th and 6th.

Seth Migdail


Seth Migdail is a San Francisco based freelance surf photographer. His work has been published both in the US and internationally for his photography at Mavericks, as well as other surf photography around Northern California. His work can also be viewed regularly on Surfline, The Inertia and many other surfing related websites. Seth has been nominated five times in the Monster Paddle-In category for the Billabong XXL Awards. Born and raised in New York, he journeyed to California in the mid 1990s where he discovered his passion for surfing while living on the Central Coast. Combining a BFA in photography and his love for the ocean, his work explores the human limits of big wave surfing with his work out at Mavericks, as well as the harsh conditions the everyday surfer encounters in Northern California. Seth’s work will be on display at the Sweetwater Music Hall, September 5th and 6th.

Daniel George


Daniel is a surfer, ceramicist, and clothing maker who resides in Malibu, CA. After receiving his Masters of Arts in ceramics, Daniel began experimentally making clothing and the next thing you know Flying Uke Designs was born. Daniel’s designs are printed on recycled textiles and hand sewn onto his hats and apparel. Daniel collaborated with the High Line to create the long sleeve tee-shirt on our Goods page.

Anthony Edwards


Anthony Davis is a surfer, artist and skater residing in Sausalito, CA who works in a multitude of media and materials. Anthony’s work has been shown in several art shows and galleries in the Bay Area.  He enjoys performing live art at various venues and loves working on murals. Anthony collaborated with the High Line to create some custom, limited edition tees found on our Goods page.

Matt Beard


Humboldt based artist Matt Beard considers both art and surfing wonderful problems to have and stopped trying to quit either of them years ago. His art speaks to the experience of surfing in California. Leaving flavor-of-the-day cultural references to the cooler kids, he prefers to keep his artistic focus on timeless elements like the ocean, it’s waves, and the beauty of the California coast. His work has been featured in dozens of national and international surf and art media publications, including Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, LongboardMagazine, Belio Magazine (Spain- art & design), Blue (Germany- yearly surf journal), and most notably the Surfer’s Journal in 2008 (Vol. 17 #3). Just recently, he’s taken increasing interest in painting “live” at events, concerts, and festivals, finding the adrenaline pressurized experience of painting for a crowd and flowing with music to be the closest art-making experience he’s found to surfing itself. Matt will be painting at the High Line’s opening night party and on Saturday night during the Tom Curren concert. The two pieces will be auctioned off with part of the proceeds going to Sustainable Surf.